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My Pets

I have a white-black tomcat lucky I ihgn yet more than everything in this world, he likes me but he is not particularly feel that I love him he is my one and alles.Mein hare is also my favorite, he bites everyone he does not know.
ninamercedes am 25.5.12 12:37

my life

I was small I was not liked by classmates so bad it was not always my fault that they were mean to me and I had to sneak. And arrived in the class when I was not exactly the one I make friends with allö the horror it was for me in school, I no longer wanted in the school there was too much for me all these years. Even with the homework, I found it difficult offtmals I had made ​​them not at all or they forgot at home, I was not inspired in the school class And arrived in the 5th my mother to me and told me we prefer to look beautiful forest uch true very sher sad as I had the first time I had friends in the class to move just a shame ...... But today I still have contact with most.
ninamercedes am 25.5.12 12:19

My School

my school I'm in the 8th class, am 13 years old and will next week 14 and am the youngest in my class. We have clock on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 13:00 from.
Dinstags we clock out at 12:00. And we have un Thursdays from 16:00 clock. my brother romeo gaeht in the same school, we are like siblings steal nothin ', it seems to me to be and appear before manchmel his art. I'm not belibt badly but I'm satisfied with my life.
ninamercedes am 25.5.12 12:34

our pets

We have tame rat, rats. his names were: lee and nina and guinea pig: tarzan, blacky, jane ming. they all are dead. Today carp we have a dog Rotwilerin Tracy, My bunny Beehrle Reaper, Black Bollys mother, father and trout and koi.
ninamercedes am 25.5.12 12:26

About me

I´m born in Rottweil Ilive in Wellendingen when i was 11 we went to Schönwald. I have a Boyfriend and I´m in Facebook. I have two Brothers Rocco and Romeo Rocco is 13 and Romeo is 10. and my partens Rita and Andreas my dad (Andreas) is 45 and my mum (Rita) is 41. 

ninamercedes am 21.5.12 12:24

Who I`d like to meet

I´d like to meet Jonny Depp he is my favorite actor. He is in the Movie  Dark Schadows the principal. And in Pirates of ther Carrebean is he the principal.I like his movies i think they are nice.
ninamercedes am 21.5.12 12:32

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